Domitor PRO

Electric pizzeria oven with 30 cm modular chamber (single and twin deck)

A true static-electric-baking classic offering excellent professional performance



How can Domitor help you?

  • Value

    Excellent value for money for such a high-performance oven.

  • Good quality

    You will enjoy excellent baking performance thanks to the perfect combination of build quality and user friendliness (aluminised sheet steel chamber and direct exhaust vent).

  • Efficiency

    The largest model allows you to bake 2 pizza sheets (60 × 40 cm) simultaneously or 9 pizzas of 30 cm diameter.

  • Good modularity

    It is available in various sizes and with various options as modular single deck (4 models) or integrated twin deck (2 models).

  • Control over power and consumption

    Available with intuitive, user-friendly, electromechanical control panel or digital controls.

Strict lines and high output: Domitor is a true static-electric-baking classic offering excellent professional performance. Its firebrick surface guarantees good heat retention and allows the option of traditional baking on the refractory surface or on sheets.

Domitor is available with various control types

  • Electromechanical controls

    The control panel sets the temperature with separate thermostats for roof and bedplate. The temperature is displayed by an analogue temperature. Also includes on/off switch and indicator lights.

  • Digital controls

    The control panel allows separate setting of roof and bedplate heating elements in 20 positions (tuning 5%). There are digital controls to set temperature (accuracy 1 °C) and an LED display. Also includes on/off switch and interior light.

Performance (mod. 930):

72 in un'ora 9 pizze ø 30
20 in un'ora 4 pizze ø 45
6 in one hour 2 trays 60x40

Ideal for:

  • Small and medium-sized outlets with a varied menu.