Countertop pizza oven

A small countertop oven

offering exceptional performance!



How can Start help you?

  • Extremely compact

    Compact and easy to position, it is designed for low-output scenarios in bars and other small premises.

  • Good quality

    Provides good results whether you bake directly on the refractory surface or use a sheet.

  • Highly versatile

    Perfect for reheating, but also good for fresh baking.

Featuring a compact, minimalist design, Start is a practical, functional static electrical oven. It can bake a pizza of maximum diameter 35 cm or reheat slices of pizza and other dishes. It offers an interesting optional: a shelf slides into the oven at mid-height so that you can grill vegetables.

Electromechanical controls

You have separate roof/bedplate temperature control.
There is an internal temperature indicator.
Also includes on/off switch and indicator lights.


1 pizza Ø 35 - 40

Ideal for:

  • Bars and small outlets serving lunches, snacks and appetizers

Start - Pratico