SG MODULAR 69 – 96 - 99

Modular gas ovens

Uniform quality and high quantities



How can SG modular ovens help you?

  • Double your output

    The special configuration of the stainless-steel baking chamber and heating system allows you stack two ovens and form a twin deck, thus doubling your output.

  • Excellent heat distribution

    The burners are arranged so that the heat is directed towards the roof of the oven that in turn radiates it back towards the pizza.

  • Lower consumption

    Separate temperature control allows you to modulate power and reduce consumption.

The ovens, featuring a stainless-steel front section and minimalist design, can be stacked to form a twin deck for higher output requirements. Baking directly on the firebrick is possible. The exhaust gas vent is located in the upper section of the chamber.

Any type of gas can be used as fuel (LPG, liquid propane, natural gas, etc.).

Performance (mod. SG99/1)

40 in one hour 4 pizzas ø 45
200 in one hour 9 pizzas ø 30
16 in one hour 2 trays 60x40

Ideal for:

  • extremely-busy pizzerias


  • * Oem has been backed by IMQ to carry out the CE/CB tests on the following products: SG 66-69-96-99; IMQ is the Italian leading Company in Europe in the activity for conformity evaluation -

SG Modular 69 - 96 - 99