Static electric tunnel ovens – 50 or 80 cm conveyor belt

Baking “on the move” in the firebrick chamber!



How can TL tunnel ovens help you?

  • Very high output

    The conveyor system crosses a firebrick chamber that facilitates heat retention and distribution.

  • Good performance

    Although slower than in a fan-assisted oven, baking in a static oven comes closest to mirroring that of a conventional oven.

  • User friendly

    User friendly even for inexperienced staff, it offers 7 customisable baking programmes.

  • Lower consumption

    It is designed to avoid waste and the stand-by function helps to cut energy consumption.

  • Giant pizza and other dishes

    The conveyor belt (50 or 80 cm depending on model) lets you bake pizzas of the required size and cook or reheat other gourmet specialities.

Suitable for large-scale production, TL ovens have separate roof/bedplate heating elements for perfect, evenly-baked pizza. In order to increase output, you can stack up to three decks whilst maintaining good ergonomics.

Model TL 105L has a 50 cm conveyor belt that will also bake giant pizzas. For higher output, choose model TL 108L whose wide 80 cm belt has room for 2 × 35 cm pizzas (side by side).

Control panel

The digital control panel lets you programme baking by setting temperature and time as a function of belt speed. It offers 7 customisable baking programmes to suit your needs, whilst the Eco Mode function will reduce consumption when not working.

    Performance (mod. TL 108L/3)

    105 in one hour 1 pizza ø 45
    300 in one hour 2 pizzas ø 35
    54 in one hour 1 tray 60x40

    Ideal for:

    • very busy pizzerias in shopping centres and high passing trade areas

    • quick service restaurants

    Tunnel TL45DG - TL105LCD - TL108LCD